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Super Dancer Chapter 2: Farah Khan is embarrassed as one her old videos is released on stage and threatens the person who found it!

Super Dancer Chapter 2 starts at an emotional note today as Geeta Kapur expresses her love for her ‘Ma’ and Guru Farah Khan on stage, she says it is her honour to welcome Farah for the episode as the theme for the night is Adla Badla Special and also Guru-Shishya special. Farah says she did not want to be on the show as all are made to look old here- Geeta called Ma and also Anurag Basu called Dada. Farah then says she also has another issue as she would have to sit beside Shilpa Shetty and look fat. Farah on a serious note says tha Geeta is her partner in crime and she does no choreography without her. The Gurus and Shishyas are swapped today. The first are Vaibhav with Akash Thapa as they perform a fun act.  Farah asks the production if she can also stand on the table like Shilpa later says that the production has informed her that they have just one table. Akash and Rithik have a prank planned for the entire lot and they do not spare anyone at all. As the IV is played the judges are in splits. Akash is announced to be safe as he enters the Super 8.(Also Read: Neha Kakkar squeals as she wonders if guests are treated this way on the show)

The next is the God’s own child Akash Mithra and Vivek his new Super Guru. The both of them are in female get up as they dance to Mastani song. Shilpa gets a ladder for herself as she climbs it to salute the duo. Akash later shows and teaches Shilpa some of his adayey. Akash calls Farah ‘Nani’, and he wants to know what the two-Farah and Geeta have done together and Farah tells him that they do show wherever they get money. Akash and Rishikesh are in the danger zone as Akash scolds his fans for not voting. Muskaan and Pratik are next as they dance to hawa hawa. Farah is trolled as she is shown one of her old videos of doing robotics and she cannot be more ashamed. She does that again with the kids but later asks for the person who got released this video. Muskaan is announced to be safe alongwith her super guru Paul. Rithik and Palden are the next who enact an emotional act depicting a father son duo. As they finish the act there is a flood of emotion in studio. Farah commends the performance as she says that it is great to see a message in a dance performance. Shilpa talks about good parenting and also how imporatnt it is to set good examples before their kids.

Pratik is left very emotional as he says he shares a very special bond with Rithik and that he just so missed the kid in the past one week and he wishes something like this does not happen to anyone. Rithik’s little sister has a truckload of complaints against her brother and Farah remembers how Sajid used to irritate her so much when they were small. She also relates how he used to shoo away guys who used to try flirt with her. Rishikesh is next with Shagun as they perform to har kisiko nahi miltha. The entire performance was on a slant wall and this leaves Shilpa and Amurag amazed. Shagun’s father tries his luck by presenting an application of love to Farah. Shagun and Aishwarya too find their way to the super 8.

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