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MTV Troll Police- No Troll is Safe: Fine line between voicing an opinion versus crushing a morale is visited and taken to task by Rannvijay Singh

Troll Police – the much talked about show goes on air tonight on MTV. This is as Rannvijay Singh -youth icon and the host of the show states – one of its kind show. Equipped with a cyber team and some expert investigators the show aims at getting back to the variety of trolls also in the process educate the youth and internet users of all kinds the difference between the use and the misuse of internet anonymity as well as the power. Ferzad Palia Viacom head observes how a comment can end up destroying the self esteem of a person. This as per him  is a simple effort at giving out a message that trolling can come with its consequences for the troll as well. There is indeed a very fine line between having an opinion and imposing it. In India especially today we find a whole lot of increase in the latter lot what with the kind of exposure and freedom the internet has given to anybody and everybody with an added benefit of anonymity. (Also Read:  Taapsee Pannu on social media trolls: I have opted for a wrong profession)


As we know being in the public eye 24/7, celebrities tend to become very easy targets for these monsters hiding behind their keyboards. Having opinion about anything and everything while indecently trying to throw it on the face of the victim has become a habit and thrill for these kind. The show would hence bring the celebrities face face with their trolls- yeas you heard that right. Generally speaking the people who need a mask to voice a certain opinion are for sure cowards so we can only imagine the kind of drama that would unfold as these kind would be questioned for their evil. Rannvijay talks about how from now on they would have every troll scrutinized. He talks about the show to begin with and its theme. He then tells us the various kinds of trolls from sanskaari trolls to body shamer to slut shamers etc etc. The first victim or rather the fighter girl and tremendous actor Taapsee Pannu. Tapsee talks about how she has been talked to in the most derogatory way. Rannvijay welcomes Tapsee who tells us how this is the profession of her choice being an engineer with distinction. They read her comments and Rannvijay gets more and more pissed at the quality of comments. Rannvijay promises to nab atleast one of them and make an example. We have Cyber crime tracker  and Private investigator Prashant Palekar. The troll is found and followed who is from UP. He has been recorded on camera talking about progressive things. They have lied to the man as they get him to the studio saying it is a youth show. The tables turn as now Taapsee sits at the bust location and she wonders what is the psychology behind the trolls that make then say all of this. Ashish the troll is a blogger which surprises Taapsee. Rannvijay traps the guy in his own words as Taapsee is amused. The guy totally contradicts himself as he is totally unaware of what trap he is so walking into. Taapsee joins the crew as Rannvijay says that she is sitting in Delhi. Taapsee gets seriously pissed at the man as he lies through his teeth. She gets out of the studio as the man gets more and more scared and he tries to defend himself. Taapsee walks into the studio and the man literally is on the verge of crying. Taapsee and Rannvijay take the man to task as he is left speechless saying sorry. Taapsee in the raw language explains to him the meaning of linen bra and lingerie!! Taapsee walks out and Rannvijay tries to find out the thought behind the trolling and moral policing. Rannvijay asks Taapsee to forgive the person and Taapsee insists that the man and also many like him need to erase the kind of thought. Taapsee gets emotional as she says that she feels she is in a wrong profession and also that she should not go back into the social media. Taapsee asks the man to become a troll police and stop anyone who does this kind of trolling. The man then says he learned a lot and will never repeat his mistake. Rannvijay makes an announcement that we can easily report the trolls and the technique to do it.

What’s Hot

The concept is novel and also if this is going the right way then probably might be a game changer for the internet usage and the power that comes with it. MTV has always come up with different concepts and been a hit with youth in large numbers and this is a very engaging and fulfilling concept for this target group. Rannvijay as usual is the command and probably is the best one to take the reins in his hands when required-no one does that better than him especially when you a;so require to go soft with the soft hearted. Talking about the first episode- Taapsee was indeed the best choice to begin the show with as she completely owned the episode. She made it a point that it really got home that erasing a mentality is the only solution to this issue.

What’s Not

This kind of show can easily go wrong as there is a very fine line separating it from the wrong! As we watch we see the a man from a very different part of the world being watched and recorded on cam without probably his knowledge. This somehow is a little not digestible. Is this not intrusion into the private space of  a common man just for the sake of a celebrity who has the power to handle it all also a large number of fans who would vouche for her. We tend to question if the man’s safety and privacy is not breached by this and if it is not, still it sure looks as though it is breached and so this may be imparting a very wrong message. The celebs who come on the show have fans who are as psyched as the trolls themselves, also the trolls have a life beyond the show-so we just hope this has no nasty consequences.  We just hope that we end up killing the vice without harming the culprits as that would be very wrong.

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