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Bigg Boss 11 finale: Here’s how Salman Khan’s show will change Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta and Puneesh Sharma’s lives

Bigg Boss is one show that can change your lives for good or for bad. While it does benefit a lot of contestants, it can also bring out the worst in you. Bigg Boss 11 has been one hell of a journey not just for the contestants but also for the viewers who have been glued to the television every day to not miss any of the action. Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta, Hina Khan and Puneesh Sharma made it to the top 4. One of them will take the trophy home. But their journey in the show has also been one life changing experience for them.

Like every year, Bigg Boss showed the contestants a glimpse of their journey to this year’s finalists, too. They cried, they laughed, they felt thankful and they loved every bit of their journey. It’s an overwhelming experience. This year, the competition is pretty tough between Hina and Shilpa. We told you recently how there is a total of Rs 300 crores bet on Shilpa’s win by fans. It’s surely a crazy world out there. But the image of these contestants has also had a massive makeover through the show. From hating some of them to liking most of them, here’s how the show will change their lives now. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde’s ShiKas shippers want them to get hitched ASAP – read tweets!)

Shilpa Shinde

More than playing Angoori Bhabhi on television, Shilpa was known for her fallout  with the producers of the show and the entire controversy. She was even banned from CINTAA later on. When Shilpa entered the show, she spent the first initial week torturing Vikas who she believed was the one who put an end to her career. A lot of people were shocked by Shilpa’s behaviour and Vikas’ breakdown but the actress emerged a hero amidst all of this. When Shilpa agreed to let bygones be bygones and befriend Vikas, she won many hearts. Shilpa became the mother of Arshi Khan and Akash Dadlani, won hearts again.

Shilpa will no longer be known for her Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai controversy. Whether she comes back on television or not, she will be known for her beautiful journey in the Bigg Boss house and for being the perfect caretaker.

Vikas Gupta

The mastermind, as he is called now, was only crying and fighting during the first couple of weeks, thanks to Shilpa. But Vikas got over it and started playing the game. He understood people, knew who reacts to what and acted according to those for his own benefits. During his journey Vikas has thrown light on a lot of societal norms like homophobia and feminism. Though a lot of us didn’t really know Vikas that well earlier, he was majorly popular for his controversy with Parth Samthaan. But even that’s over now. Vikas is one of the most respected finalists of the show and we know there is more to him than just the controversies.

Hina Khan

Our Sher Khan was one of the most highly misunderstood contestants on the show. A lot of people expected to see Akshara on the show and not Hina. One of the main reasons for Hina to take up reality shows was shedding her sanskari bahu image that she had been playing for 8 years. Like Priyank Sharma said, Hina is too straight forward which is probably why she is misunderstood so much. But Hina is one  really brave person who has performed and completed tasks giving it a 100 percent. Bigg Boss has made sure that we see Hina in the show and not Akshara. It has been quite a successful journey for the actress.

Puneesh Sharma

The only commoner among everyone who made it to the top 4. Puneesh’s entry in the show was rather pompous and a lot of people didn’t really like him that much. But then he fell for Bandgi Kalra, the only romance in the show. He also tried to be the best of friend to Akash, Hiten Tejwani and Shilpa Shinde. He supported Shilpa when no one did. Puneesh has, too, grown quite a lot in the show and we can’t wait to see how his career takes off after this show.

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